Rules and Regulations




* Use common sense, if it looks to full, it probably is. *
  • Once the inflatable has been setup by an Air Hop employee do not move the inflatable to another location.
  • Do not allow playing around blower. Do not cover / block air intake for blower.
  • If for any reason you hear the blower shut off have children exit immediately.
  • Do not allow gymnastic "tricks" (i.e. flips, cartwheels or rough play etc.)
  • No eyeglasses, button pins, pens, jewelry, (i.e. long necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, etc.) No sharp objects in or around Inflatable.
  • No food, drinks, gum, confetti, silly string, party poppers or pets allowed in Inflatable.
  • Do not hose the Inflatable or allow wet bathing suits inside. Never allow playing on a wet Inflatable.
  • All riders must remove there shoes and empty their pockets of any hard objects that can injure themselves or others while jumping.
  • Do not operate the Inflatable in thunder and lighting or in winds over 25 mph..
  • In case if high winds or storms, get everyone off inflatable, and unplug motor and extension cord.
  • Do not allow any person who is intoxicated or on drugs to enter the Inflatable.
  • Do not allow riders to line up on one side and charge to the other side.
  • When using boxing gloves you must wear approved headgear.
  • No hanging, climbing or jump on or from boxing ring walls.
  • Do not operate inflatable if it becomes unsafe.
  • I have been given a copy and or have been read the rules of the items rented and I understand them. If unsure I will contact AIR HOP before any damage or injures may occur.

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